dance like nobody is watching

no shoes – no booze – no chitchat

Upcoming events

Every last Saturday of the month from 19h00 – 22h15

25 May 2019

DJ Goldmund

29 June 2019

DJ Softdragon


No event planned!

About Ecstatic Dance

We feel that dance can help you to get in touch with yourself and express what you are here to be, so you can lead a meaningful life. There are three simple basic guidelines to Ecstatic Dance: “No shoes. No booze. No chitchat.” You connect with your bare feet to mother earth, you drink only water and you let your body do the talking.

We invite you to come exactly as you are and follow your own flow during the dance. No need to be or do anything that doesn’t feel good to you. No judgements, no pressure. And of course: no pictures or videos.

The dance starts and ends with a small ceremony in which we make time and space to connect with ourselves, our surroundings and the world-wide Ecstatic Dance tribe.

We look forward to be with you on the dance floor!

“Ecstatic Dance reconnects you to the flow of life. Get yourself out of the way and give space to joy.”

Jasper Rooswinkel
co-initiator Ecstatic Dance Maastricht

“Most of the time, our mind tries to be the master of our body, but unfortunately it’s not very good at it. In our result driven society, we are very often disconnected from our form and live only in our minds, putting too much stress on the body. Every time I join an Ecstatic Dance journey, I remember myself to ‘get out of the way’ and just experience what my body is doing. This is always a very healing experience for me. I will go through ups and downs, but it is always healing.

We use the phrase: ‘Dance like nobody is watching’ and in fact: the only one that should be watching is YOU. Just watch yourself move with the flow and don’t interfere, be it just for a few hours. It reconnects you to your body and the flow of life. I know it’s simple, but it’s not easy. I learned that every emotion of life will express itself on the dance floor, so just let it be. In the end, the important thing to remember is to always love yourself for doing this, because the gift of movement is a precious one”

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