dance like nobody is watching

no shoes – no booze – no chitchat

Upcoming events

Every last Saturday of the month from 19h00 – 22h15

26 January 2018

DJ Joë Moro

23 February 2019

DJ Sefrijn

30 March 2019

Kunda Buffi LIVE

About Ecstatic Dance

We feel that dance can help you to get in touch with yourself and express what you are here to be, so you can lead a meaningful life. There are three simple basic guidelines to Ecstatic Dance: “No shoes. No booze. No chitchat.” You connect with your bare feet to mother earth, you drink only water and you let your body do the talking.

We invite you to come exactly as you are and follow your own flow during the dance. No need to be or do anything that doesn’t feel good to you. No judgements, no pressure. And of course: no pictures or videos.

The dance starts and ends with a small ceremony in which we make time and space to connect with ourselves, our surroundings and the world-wide Ecstatic Dance tribe.

We look forward to be with you on the dance floor!